Please ignore any posts from me about pets needing homes. They’re fake! It’s not true! I’m taking my first class on building WordPress websites, and I mistakenly posted a class assignment to this blog. That said, I am digging my first online classes. I was skeptical as someone who likes to interact in order to learn, but it’s the way education is heading, and I thought I’d try it. For subject matter that is pretty cut and dry, it makes so much sense to be able to take a class on your lunch break, evenings, waiting in a doctor’s office. I hope the class results in new and improved blog content for Hughtube, but in the meantime, please ignore my fictitious pets but don’t ignore the real pets who need homes. My friend, Dan, is a brilliant web designer and videographer, and he’s created some great content for Charleston Animal Society. Go check it out sometime:

This dog, Captain Jack Barkness, is really up for adoption.