I quit blogging about a year a half ago. Not for any deeply thoughtful reason, just because I couldn’t figure out what the purpose was anymore. I already post plenty of photos and quotes by Hugh on Facebook. I also have Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter accounts. I was getting tired of myself. But I do miss the act of writing and the blog beckoned me today, so I’m going back here quietly and seeing what transpires.

Speaking of transpires, someone asked me today what Hugh was into right now. I wanted to answer, “Reading, definitely starting to figure out words, and it’s a magical thing.” Or math or puzzles or soccer. But the honest truth is handcuffs.

He loves his shiny silver handcuffs with the tiny key, the sense of power and dominion he feels over anybody who might enter his path that is a joker, stealer, or liar. Today, I found two large plastic dinosaurs handcuffed together. Who knows what transgression must have transpired?