When’s the last time you were home alone all night on a Friday night? If you can’t even think that far back, you know how I feel.

Tonight, Tasha is taking Hugh to a friend’s lake house. I’m going to meet them tomorrow, which means that I have the night to myself. I’ve started a list in my head of the things I might do. They range from the artistic to the mundane.

What would be on your list?

My Friday Night Solo Plans:

Finish reading, House of Sand, while eating dinner at a restaurant alone

Take my used books into trade and buy a new book

Wash all the sheets in the house

Do the Pinterest tshirt project that I’ve got all the supplies for but never started

Go to Goodwill and look for a Halloween costume

Find a yoga class or do yoga at home with a video

Finish watching Cabin in the Woods, which I’ve started three times

Buy the last season of Breaking Bad on iTunes and start watching it since Tasha refuses to see it

Take a bath

Take a walk

Take to the bed

Just me.