As Hugh edges up on four, his toddler-speak is disappearing. We relish the perfectly imperfect words and phrases that remain, smiling over his head and using them ourselves. We know they will soon disappear and one day, we’ll be listening to the surly language of a teenager asking us in whatever vogue slang of the day to quit being so emo.

Here are a few Hugh-isms left that we refuse to correct:

“Hey, Mom, check out this picture of a fulfingo!” (Flamingo)

“Why does the cat go backwith and forwith all day?” (Backwards and forwards)

And last, but certainly not least, for as long as Hugh continues to shout out in public restrooms, “Mom, does she have CHINA?” to which I can answer, “Yes, I’m sure she does,” I will never be correcting this one. (Vagina)