Tasha built a tree swing this weekend. The first thing everyone asked is “how did she get it up there?” It’s a long way up to the top of that tree branch, and the answer is not by using a ladder. The trick is something she learned from watching network technicians hang cable. The project involved heavy weights, string, rope, and a book of knots. It’s a beautiful swing, and Hugh loves it. [Side story: He loved it too much the first day and after nonstop spinning, he walked over to the mulch and puked.]

While he was swinging, I asked if he knew what Thanksgiving meant. We obsess so much over Halloween that I thought I’d see if he even knew about this holiday with its turkeys and family dinners.

“Yes,” he said. “It means giving things to boys who don’t have anything. I will give them one of my toys. And also, I will give the boys 3 matches, a flag, a rain chain, and a house.”

“Hugh,” I said. “That’s exactly what Thanksgiving means.”