About every five minutes, Hugh starts a sentence with, “Hey, you wanna play a game of ____?” Fill in the blank: “I be baby squid, you be mama squid? I be red power ranger, you be black one? I be the cat, you be the cat’s mama?” You get the gist.

Now it’s my turn to say, “Hey, wanna play a blogger game?” It’s called Around Here, and you write about what’s happening right now in your life. [Side note: remember when Facebook posts started with “Amanda is _____.”? I liked the simplicity of those posts.] Anyway, chime in on your own blog and then link your post to the list, or just comment back to me what you are doing.

Reading House of Sand by Andre Dubus. I can tell that it is not going to work out for anyone, and I’m going to feel heartache for everyone. My kind of book.

Sitting here thinking about what went so wrong for Obama at the debates.

Wondering when Hugh will sleep in his own bed on a regular basis. That’s right. We are a failure in this department, although a snuggly one.

Hoping my Volvo will last past 200K miles so that we won’t need another car and can pay off some debt.

Frustrated that I’m not getting up in the morning to walk or run. I’m just so tired. How do you people on Facebook with multiple kids and jobs post those 13.1 mile Nike runs? I need to try harder.

Not listening to any music, which is sad.

WatchingSeason 1 of Homeland tonight with Tasha. Yes, that is our pitiful date night. Staying in alone and watching TV. I am beyond thrilled.

Making carpool plans for tomorrow night to hear live music at the Awendaw Green Friday night barn jam. Check it out, people. I’ll be the one in red cowboy boots.