I started a list of 40 things to do before I turned 40. Do you think I finished them all? Heck, I didn’t even finish the list. I only got to 20. Of those 20, I did 11-ish (see below for detail).

Perhaps I should feel like a failure. But instead I’m going to start working on my” 50 before 50″ list and give myself a decade to conquer it.


Hike to a waterfall.

Buy a plane ticket to Europe.

Take Hugh to the zoo.

Finish wedding album and scrapbook.

Make short ribs on the grill. (Used the crockpot instead.)

Organize my digitals photos. (Sort of – got them uploaded to Google Photos.)

Take Hugh to see an owl.

Go on a hay ride. (Does riding in the back of a truck at night without hay count?)

Have a picnic.

Get holiday cards out by New Year’s.

Build a sand castle. (Filling shapes with sand and dumping them out should count.)


Read two unread books from the 100 best Novels list.

Run a 5K.

Volunteer with kids.

Take a yoga class.

Finish my book.

Fancify my blog with some new add-ons.

Update my blog at least twice a week for three months.

Eat a candy bar outside by myself.

Can or pickle something.