Sometimes I worry that Hugh gets too much technology exposure, even though he’s in a Montessori classroom 5 days a week. I don’t know exactly what I’m worried about; just a general unease that there is too much of it in our lives. That his exposure to TV, iPad, iPhones, DVD player, etc. outranks what I experienced as a child, and thus is a new frontier of “things to worry about.”

It’s easy to have a selective memory of my own childhood. Didn’t I do nothing but make bathing suits out of mud at my grandparent’s creek house, transform sticks into imaginary villages, and jump on Pogo sticks for hours? But then why do I know by heart every word to the theme songs of Facts of Life, Fantasy Island, Love Boat, and Diff’rent Strokes?

I told Tasha yesterday that my goal was not to worry about something until there was really something to worry about. She gave a look that said, WELL DUH.

So yesterday, as I watched Hugh play with his farm animals in his little lead-free red barn, I felt a moment of satisfaction, maybe even a twinge of self-congratulatory parenthood. There he is, my boy. Playing pretend with non-toxic toys. When suddenly the goat whispered to the cow, “I’m gonna send you a text message.”

Yes, there was a fleeting moment of parental horror. But I chose not to worry; and instead, let my phone make the baaa-beeeep noise we all know so well.

Message received.