I’ve been blog-silent this month ever since my February daily blogfest. But I feel like I’ve been writing blogs in my head. If a blog-thought falls in the wood and no one hears it, does it really happen? Some of the things I’ve been thinking about lately.

1. I must have done something wrong in parenting Hugh because he still doesn’t sleep through the night, and he’s almost three and a half (Monica, close your eyes). Tasha is already mad at me for writing this because it isn’t helpful, I know. He has many skills and talents, and if crying out at night for company is the worst of it, how bad is that really? Plus, the other night before bed he melted my heart when he whispered, “Mama, will you help get me stronger so I can sleep by myself?”

2. Trayvon Martin. I keep thinking about him. His murder has opened up an ache and a memory and an anger in the psyche of our country. I hope that his death leads to change and promise for others. But either way, he will never be back at home laughing with his parents and family who love him so much, and nothing can ever change that devastating fact.

3. Women’s issues. I found this picture the other day, and it pretty much sums up how I feel.

4. Montessori education. I met with Hugh’s teacher this week at Trinity Montessori for our parent/teacher conference, and I was just blown away again by how much he is learning. Everything has a theory behind it, from why they stack their work on the left side of the table (training for left to right reading skills) to learning cursive letters (more natural for the hand and translates easily into print) to pouring water (to develop wrist strength for writing). My wild child completes a three hour work cycle. I can’t even do that. I guarantee you that if he stayed home with me our curriculum would consist of some books, some Sesame Street, and a trip to Starbucks. Yay for teachers!

5. Pollen. So much pollen. Driveway like a puce yellow shag rug from the 70s. Head about to explode.

6. iCloud. What the hell is happening with my Apple products? I take a picture and it appears on our TV screen. Even after I’ve deleted it. So now the TV is showing a pair of shoes at the outlet mall that I thought Tasha might like and a cake for my co-worker. Note to self: be careful what you photograph.

7. Family. It’s been wonderful having Grandma Jane here this week. Hugh adores her, and tonight she is making us homemade chicken parmigiana.

3 generations at Hominy Grill.