The writer at rest.

Today is the last day of the blogging challenge that I’ve been doing along with my writing-partners-in-crime, Ami Worthen, Monica Wyche and Jenny Badman. The goal was to write a blog post every day, and although that seemed easily doable, it was painful some days to find anything to say other than, “Ugh, I have to write a blog entry again?” [Think I might have used that as a post one day.]

But it’s been a good exercise for me to strive to find creativity when it feels like there is none. And to write along with my friends whose virtual presence kept pushing me along. Here are my favorite blogs from their blog of the month challenge:

Ami Worthen: I Met a Talking Dog Today. Because this pretty much sums up the quirkyness that Ami seems to create and manifest in her daily life.

Jenny Badman: The Writing Life. Because this is motivational.

Monica Wyche: At a Loss for Words. Because even when she is at a loss for words, she isn’t.

It’s with a sigh of relief that I finish this month long challenge, but also a twinge of regret. Because there are not many things I do a daily basis that don’t involve personal hygiene, toddler feeding, or coffee refilling.

See you soon, folks, but probably not tomorrow.