Today’s blog is written by Tasha Gandy.

If you live in rural community, or more likely, anywhere in the South,  at least once a week, and sometimes once a day, you will hear “Have a blessed day!”  An indicator that I am getting a little longer in the tooth might be that this used to annoy the heck outta me.  Now, it makes me smile and count my many, many blessings.

I can still recognize that there is a small, vocal, and stalwart population out there that prefers to judge and would like to cram a very narrow view of salvation down my throat so they can feel better about themselves. But really, blessings belong to every faith and to a lack of faith; to rigid humanists and hard-core atheists.

All you need for a blessing is a tiny bit of humility, a deep breath, and an open mind.  A sense of wonder can be the icing on the blessing.  An understanding of what you have relative to what others have is the sprinkles.

I am frequently “blessed” by county, state, and municipal employees.  Fast food drive-thrus and pharmacies are fertile for being blessed.  Starbucks, not so much.

If nothing else, I am receiving the gift of a kind and personalized thought from a stranger.  Ten years ago, someone would have said “have a blessed day” and I would have heard “find Jesus my way or burn in hell.”  But that’s not what they are saying.  These bless-ors have taken the bland and meaningless “have a nice day” and have tweaked it (most likely beyond all employer policy) to arrive at a suggestion for how they get through their day.

Notice your blessings.  Receive your blessings. Appreciate your Blessings.  In moments large and small.

And have a Blessed Day.

(with acknowledgements to bryan thompson)