My sweet friend was kind enough to invite us along to the beach to celebrate his birthday. Just 5 adults and 1 toddler. It made me seriously question if I’d invite along a friend who had a toddler if I had no children of my own. I would like to think so, but I’m still not certain of the answer.

Travel with a toddler is always a mixed bag. Joy at the sight of his little feet running across the sand yelling “ahoy matey.” Pride when he says please and thank you and carries his plate to the kitchen. Humiliation when he screams at night past his bedtime, “I want my iPad!” And concern for others when he starts puking into the toilet. Alas, he always seems to get sick, albeit cheerfully, when we travel with friends.

I feel grateful tonight for the rain, the good friends, the day off to spend with family, the seared thyme chicken, arugula, goat cheese potatoes and homemade carrot cake a-cookin’, the French 75s (look that up), and yes, the boy quietly watching She-ra on the iPad (might have to look that up, too).