The hardest impediment to writing, working, and just Being for me is exhaustion. Parenting surprised me with its sudden onslaught of sleeplessness, whether from the baby or toddler being awake at night or from me not being able to sleep because I’m more aware of every little sound and on edge. Last night was one of those nights where both of those situations converged.

Tasha has tried to help me embrace the idea that being tired is not something to panic about, but just a momentary state of existence. Rethinking exhaustion in this way has worked to an extent. I really don’t feel the panic that I used to when I knew I had to face a day with too little sleep. I’ll treat myself to an extra coffee and maybe even take-out for dinner (Tasha, are you reading this? D’allesandro’s spicy BBQ pizza anyone?).

Parenting is the most tiring thing I’ve ever done (and most days, the most rewarding). But then again, so is being a kid.