My dad has been in town for less than 24 hours and already he has:

  • Paid the babysitter. (He got to town before our date night ended which was not at all intentional.)
  • Brought us Starbucks at 7am before we left for work.
  • Took Hugh to school and will pick him up for soccer, then bring him home.
  • Gone grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s.
  • Repaired and replaced a broken screen.
  • Repaired my sister’s broken mailbox.
  • Gone to Lowe’s for supplies for my sister’s new house.
  • Delivered Valentine’s cookies and gifts.

Growing up, Dad served as president of the PTA, volunteered in the classroom (although I really didn’t need him to volunteer to teach SexEd), took me out of class in middle school just to have ice cream, taught us to drive, let us waste cans of shaving cream in the bathtub, let friends sleep over anytime, and showed up to mom’s office with his hair dyed purple.

Hugh’s face lit up yesterday when he saw him, and he immediately jumped into Papa’s arms begging for “a snort” (ticklish neck thing). Then this morning when Hugh saw Papa downstairs, he yelled, “I want some milk please, Captain!” By the end of the week, Dad will probably have Hugh whistle-trained like one of the Von Trapp children.

Captain's here to save the day.