There’s a running joke in our family that my mom will never retire. She still works an intense, full-time job as Deputy Superintendent of schools in her Florida county. When we were growing up, she taught elementary school and later served as a Principal.  Now that I’m working full-time and raising one child, I don’t know how she did it with three kids, but it seemed effortless. Collectively, we participated in Girl Scouts, cross country, ballet, soccer, swimming, piano lessons, voice lessons and yet we still managed to eat family dinner each night at the table that dad made in front of the Grandma Moses print.

Mom and me (3 weeks old)

Now, I love watching her with Hugh and her other grandkids. They’re the light of her life and while we are anxious for her to retire, I understand that kids, grandkids and the children she serves through the school system all blend seamlessly into her life.

Grandma and Hugh