In honor of Prop 8 being overturned today (yay!), I wanted to point out another benefit of gay marriage that not many people talk about: in-laws!

This is my sister-in-law, Erika. She’s a theatre major with a giant voice (except when she sings lullabies to Hugh), an awesome baker of pies, and she has a fabulous retro kitchen with a lime green fridge.


Here’s Erika’s son, Miles. You know, typical teenager. Doesn’t have a cell phone, only wants a gift card to Michael’s for Christmas, makes puppets, worships the muppets.

Same cat, different family member

And to round out the Smiths, here are Erika and Miles with husband/dad, David. He’s the one in the middle dressed as Dame Edna for a production of Hairspray. Oh, the Smith Family, they are so ho-hum.
The Smith Family

But it doesn’t stop there. Here’s Sara Jane Davis (Tasha and Erika’s mom), and her husband, Leon. We are lucky we get to see them as much as we do, given that they live on the West Coast and stay busy with volunteering at Children’s Hospital, playing tennis, taking pilates classes, walking the dog Jake, and making Sunday dinners for the extended family. Basically, they make us feel lazy.

And that’s just scratching the surface of my extended family. So goodbye Prop 8. All my California family voted against you anyway.

My new slogan for gay marriage: “More in-laws, less hate!”

Leon and Sara Jane