(Note: I’m taking part in a 30 day blogging challenge for the month of February with the theme “relative.”)

Two things made me think of my brother, Randy, today.

1. I’m home sick today with a sore throat and general crud. Which reminded me of a childhood story that my parents love to tell. I was sick and my brother peered into my room to check on me, then said in a somber tone, “If she dies, can I dissect her?”

2. It’s Groundhogs Day. Randy started a tradition in high school (yes, high school when the rest of us were desperately trying to make sure our bangs were the right length and our Swatch the latest and greatest) of wearing a plastic spatula on his belt to celebrate Groundhogs Day.


He hasn’t changed a bit, but now he gets paid to be inquisitive, odd, creative and bold. It’s called being a teacher, and in his own Randy way, he couldn’t just be a regular ole teacher. He had to start a school (along with his partner in learning and life, his wife Amy) called Tesla that offers – you guessed it – not your ordinary educational experience. Can anyone say technology + skateboards + hedgehogs?

Oh, and did I mention in his free time he plays sitar and runs marathons? Needless to say, I’m beyond proud of my brother, and I’m hoping that they’ll start TESLA Lowcountry in a few years.

Randy and a reptile


Randy supervising "recess" at TESLA