I’ve accepted the challenge to blog every day for the month of February. It’s a leap year, too, so that’s 29 days of blogging for someone who usually strives for once a week. Thanks, NoBloMaPo, for the inspiration.

Here’s my new badge. I’m kind of proud of it, even though I’m not exactly sure what it means; but I think it’s like girl scouts. (Next one I’m aiming for: Comparison Shopping – this is an actual Girl Scout badge).

Proud of my new badge

The theme of February’s blog challenge is Relative (except for theme-less weekends which are free writing).

Some friends are participating with me, which motivates me even more because no way are Ami Worthen , Jenny Badman, or Monica Wyche gonna beat me. Check out their awesome blogs about musical and creative misadventures (Ami), being 40 and pregnant and New to New York (Monica), or lovely poetry and sharp design (Jenny).

Since I have 29 days of this, I’m going to stop. But first, I’ll address the theme: Relative. 

I’m not having any more babies, but I’m a firm follower of our family tradition of naming children after relatives. I’m named after my great-grandmother Amanda Miller and my grandmother, Nora. Hugh is named after his great-grandfather (Houston) and his other great-grandfather (Hill). So if I were having more kids, here are my other faves:

Edna, Arthur, Gale, Moses, Nell, Zetta, Ruskin, Von