Tuesday was my first time on a computer in 16 days. That feels like a world record for me (and probably not a record that a blogger should aim for). I stayed plugged in via my phone over the holiday, but there’s something different about getting back in front of this big screen with a genuine keyboard.

Hello world!

The holiday weeks swept us up in a flurry of Hugh’s 3rd birthday, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, visiting family, cooking big meals, staying up late. We moved out of our December beach house and back to our cozy familiar house. We brought back lots of luggage and too many toys, but also great memories: walks on the beach, waking up at 9am, eating holiday food like bacon wrapped smokies and goat cheese-stuffed dates, and thanks to grandparents and supplemental care, just driving around – me and Tasha – popping into random places like we used to do pre-Hugh.

Birthday frosting kiss

But routine beckons and with it, a sense of relief.  We are returning to sameness. Wake up early, eat breakfast quickly, jump in the car, school for Hugh and work for us, dinner, bath, weekends, and back to blogging! Routine isn’t always a bad thing.

Home sweet home