One of the nice things about being gone for 4 days is the look on Hugh’s face when I walked in the door after a trip to DC. Not a smile or a cry of “Mama!,” just round blue eyes that slowly got bigger and bigger. As if I were a mirage. He didn’t say anything about me being gone until that night when I put him to bed when he whispered, “Mama, you were gone too much on that airplane.” And then promptly fell asleep.

Sunset in DC.

How do you traveling moms and dads handle time apart? I think it’s especially interesting for toddlers who don’t have a concept of time yet. Everything that happens over a span of time that isn’t exactly this moment is what Hugh calls “last morning.”

The other great thing about coming home is catching up on all my blogs on Google Reader. A full box of my favorites: Ami Whoa, Baxter Sez, New to New York, Rookie Moms, Small Measure, Whip Smart. It’s an unintentional homecoming of the voices that sustain me throughout the week.

Happy to be home.