Sorry to embarrass the almost 20 year-old, but Tasha’s teenage son, Dowell, started the phrase “naked nu-nu” when he was a toddler, and now it’s been passed onto Hugh.

We have no problem with Hugh pulling the sofa cushions onto the floor, ripping off his clothes and landing with a dive and a superhero shout of “Naked Nu-Nu!”

But this Sunday at a crowded state park, Hugh decided that Naked Nu-Nu would be fun to play. At the top of a tall enclosed slide.

“Hugh?” I called into the tunnel, hearing only a giggle in return. Then down the chute came a pair of plaid shorts.

“I want to pee down this slide, Mama!”

“Hugh, NO! Come down here before I count to three. One…two…”

More giggles. Then, “Mom, I’m coming. But I don’t slide very fast.”

I look up and see his naked bottom inching its way slowly down the slide, white underwear twisted around his ankles. I reached into the slide, pulled his underwear back around his waist and watched as a shocked mom dragged her daughter away.

I gave the requisite lecture, but it was all I could do not to ruin the stern words with laughter. I texted Tasha to tell her what happened, and she replied, “Right on, dude. Keepin’ it real.”