From the mouth of my babe these days:

  1. My tippy-toes aren’t working!
  2. I have to go to Sissy’s house because mine has a big bee in it.
  3. Mom, let’s do yoga together.
  4. I can’t go to school today. I’m a little bit sick.
  5. Let’s play haunted ghost chase on the shaky, shaky bridge.
  6. I get to go first because I’m wearing underwear. (To the school photographer)
  7. Take me back to the toys! (Shouted in a dream in the middle of the night)
  8. I want to be a pancake and a sausage for Halloween.
  9. Dwight-er, go to TIME OUT! (To the cat)
  10. I missed you. You smell like mama. (When I came back from Annapolis)