Today at school:

  1. Hugh told the new girl not to touch the goldfish because it would bite her.
  2. He told the school photographer that he got to go first because he was wearing underpants.
  3. He told the kid next to him at lunch that his peanut butter sandwich was better than hers, and her mom needed to look at how his Didi did it.

He is talkative and athletic and willful and wily and curious and friendly and because he is so charming, Tasha has nicknamed him Bill Clinton.

Here is Bill Clinton at 10 months old, foreshadowing his future self (note the stubbornness, the strength, the charm and the flapping jaw).

I love watching what each day brings.

And as Tasha pointed out, next time you’re stuck waiting forever at Target, feel free to steal Hugh’s line: “Hey, it’s my turn. I’m wearing underpants.”