I’ve delayed writing a blog post the past few weeks because…we got married!*

It’s been a busy few weeks. Before that, our wonderful friends, Mary and Mat, came to visit with their two year-old son, who is the same age as Hugh. Mary and Mat are college professors , sharp and edgy, thoughtful and warm. Their son, Tom, is a precocious little guy with bright blond hair and an infectious giggle. He and Hugh shared lots in common, such as an inordinate love of sand and trucks. Their 2 year-old dialogue was precious:

Hugh: “Tom, see that hole in the dirt?”

Tom: “Where’s that hole?’

Hugh: “It’s this big.”

Tom: “It’s a building site.”

Hugh: “Yes, Tom. Be careful.”

Tom: “Let’s dig the building site.”

Hugh: “All of it.”

Fast friends.

*It seems obvious that this blog should be about our wedding. Yet, I’m so overwhelmed by the media coverage that I don’t think I can tackle the subject. From The London Times to the BBC to front page of our local Sunday paper to Facebook pictures, I’ve gone into a media coma. A blog post about marriage felt like one more scoop on a very full cone. Mixing metaphors, I know, but I’m hungry, and it’s 115 degrees outside. More on marriage to come.