It’s that time of year when we gorge ourselves on rich music, dance and theatre – Spoleto Festival USA! I am fortunate to have a partner who works for an arts organization, even if she does count the money. In her defense, she was a cello major before she became an accounting major.

I like the format of Spoleto, the way it makes a symphonic crash, boom, bang over the City of Charleston for 17 days, then disappears with the whisper of a conductor’s baton.

This year, I’m particularly looking forward to the bizarre retelling of The Red Shoes, Comparison is Violence (just the title is amazing), and Circa (Australian avant garde circus).

Red Shoes

And also, a bit of shameless promotion for my uber-talented¬†friends, Monica & Dean, who are staging “H. Apocalyptus” at Piccolo Spoleto, which you absolutely must see if you want to know anything about zombies or the meaning of life.

Hugh, in the meanwhile, might feel a bit neglected by his mamas. But in return, he gets DOUBLE DOSE of Grandparents. My mom and dad arrive from Florida for the first half and then Grandma Jane comes to visit from Los Angeles. That means a lot of cupcakes, toys and “do-whatever-the-hell-you-want-because-you’re-adorable” time for Hugh.

When Spoleto ends, it will be back to reality for all of us. But ah, the memories.

Spoleto Finale 2010