Admit it. Sometimes reading about other people’s mistakes is comforting. Not the really bad kind where someone gets hurt, just the kind that reassure you that at least you didn’t do That. (If you don’t know what I mean, then you’re a better person than I am and can skip the rest of this post).

Here are some things we don’t do so well around our house when it comes to parenting:

1) Baby bottle. I know it’s fully time for him to be off the bottle, but he loves it and says “wanna make a baba” and it’s part of our cozy nighttime routine (and sometimes, morning routine as well). I trust he won’t be drinking out of a bottle when he’s in college, but who knows?

2) Teeth brushing. It’s just so easy to forget!

3) Fruit. What is fruit? I don’t eat fruit. He doesn’t like fruit. Doesn’t even want to try it. So we try to make fresh fruit smoothies, which he’ll drink, but it only happens every other week or so. We call him Protein Man.

4) NO! I know there’s some other, Montessori-ish way to approach bad behavior, but sometimes I just holler.

5) Family dinners. I get the importance. I have the vision. But he’s hungry at 5:30pm, and we’re barely getting home from work. Plus, Tasha and I enjoy our glass of wine and quiet dinner after he goes to bed. We just do.

5) Potty training. Haven’t even started.

The list could go on, of course. But I hope this has brightened your day and will share your foibles in return!

Pizza face