Dad told me I should print this picture of Hugh working hard at Montessori school and give it to him as his high school graduation present.

But I want to follow our family tradition instead. When each of us graduated from high school, we each got a framed picture of an elementary school writing assignment that summed up who we were today. Mine said, “Amanda is a hard worker. She is not a time woster [sic]. Good work habits have helped her to become a good student.”

Randy’s was a blank sheet of writing paper with his name in the corner and the teacher’s red scrawl that said: “Randy, what happened??”

Amy’s was a writing assignment that said: “We will be quiet today. We will be quiet today.”

I don’t know what Hugh’s will be yet. For now, I’d guess it might be something like: “We will not run in class” or “We will use our inside voice” or “Balls are for outside.” But I’ll have to wait and see. Any wagers on the writing assignment you’ll hand your kid one day? Or what your writing assignment might have said?