From the mouth a 2.25 year-old.

1. After a 3 hour nap, Hugh wouldn’t get out of his crib. He always wants to get out right away. But instead, he grabbed his pillow, flopped back down and said, “Mama. I not get out.” Preview of teenage years?

2. Babysitter to us: “Y’all take your time now. I’m retired.” Hugh to babysitter with a big grin, “I’m tired, too!”

3. In the middle of the night, Hugh had a nightmare about a horse. The next morning, he walked over to his crib, looked inside and said, “Mama, where da horse go?”

4. After explaining to him that the horse was not real, but a dream,  I asked Hugh to please finish his eggs. He replied: “they’re not real.”

5. Hugh’s first joke. Tasha gave him a Babybel cheese – one of those kind like they have on airplanes where you unwrap them from a red wax peel – and when I asked Hugh if he liked his cheese, he fell out laughing and said, “It’s a banana!”