It was a rough night last night with Hugh. It’s been awhile since the days of inexplicable crying at midnight and then 4am.

But now it talks. It says things like “I want mommy! No, I want Didi! No, I want blankie! No, not this blankie. Blue blankie!” And finally, a giant cry punctuated by: “I want to go HOME.” Which is when Tasha took him downstairs because Home is where the trains live.

(THANK YOU, Tasha, because it was one of those times when I just felt like I couldn’t get up. And I was wondering how I could get out of it. Wondering if you would believe I had a stomachache. Or pay you money. At least $20. And then you just did it.)

This is how I found them this morning. And though she must be tired today, it was pretty durn sweet.

And reminded me of sleepless days not so long ago.