I’ve hesitated to link my blog to Facebook, preferring to stay in a semi-permanent state of dress rehearsal rather than go “live.” But why blog at all then? A blog isn’t a leather-backed journal, tucked in a bedroom drawer somewhere. It’s on the internet, Al Gore’s best invention, for cryin’ out loud.

Besides, I’ve hula hooped, burlesque-style in front of 1,000 people. Read the morning announcements at my elementary school. Presented at a business conference in front of a bunch of suits. Received a citation for skinny dipping in a Minneapolis lake. Spoken to an auditorium full of Tokyo school children – in Japanese – and presented on the ins and outs of fundraising in really terrible Spanish to a crowd of Ecuadoran Rotarians. I’ve given birth in front of four people and slipped on a crowded dance floor.

Privacy is for wimps. Welcome to my blog.