A good friend of mine just gave birth to twin boys – Congratulations, Nicole! – and  it made me wistful for the sweet days of baby Hugh.

Hugh at a few weeks old

One of my favorite early memories was driving out to the beach with Tasha when he was just 3 days old. Sleep-deprived, newly nursing and overwhelmed with the unyielding needs of an infant, I remember the chill wind of the ocean air hitting my face as I carried him up the steps to the beach house that Tasha’s family would rent the next day. Tasha left to get groceries and suggested that I stay in the beach house with Hugh.

It was one of our first moments alone, and we collapsed into the quiet. The ocean pounded the shore. We snuggled up in a blanket in a stranger’s overstuffed sand-dollar patterned chair and fell asleep. When I awoke in the quiet house, well-rested and holding a still-sleeping Hugh, the world felt put back together again.