The purpose of this blog is mainly for me to express myself, to remember that in addition to being a mom, a partner, and a state employee, I’m also a writer. A “good write” is as refreshing and stabilizing to my soul as a good run is for my long distance super athlete brother.

Up until now, I haven’t had a schedule for blogging. I don’t even know much about it. My pictures, as you might have noted, as are always in the same place (at the bottom, centered). My “category” is always Hugh. And I’m not really sure how to use things like tags, labels, video, etc.

So my project is to learn more about blogs, read more blogs (any suggestions?) and update this on a weekly basis.

Ultimately, my goals for Hughtube are to expand creatively, garner more readers, and you know, a Target ad wouldn’t hurt a bit either.