Dad sent me this Halloween picture circa 1978. We look like we’re in costumes, but what we’re wearing was really just a fine line from our day-to-day.

 I’m a gypsy, wearing a gold lame handmade outfit that I often wore at home. Amy is a seahorse in one of my hand-me-down ballet costumes, and Randy is wearing his everyday outfit. Really. Look at his first grade class picture – he’s wearing the same Gam (Japanese superhero) helmet that Mom and Dad had to remove each night after he went to sleep.

The kid wearing the trash bag and the paper bag on his head was our next door neighbor, Paul. He was an only child and his parents were Christian. They made me call them by their last names. Mr. and Mrs. Weaver didn’t believe in trick or treating. So each year, Dad would finagle Paul out of the house, and voila, a costume was created.

And if you didn’t catch on already, the woman in drag is my Dad. While not his everyday wear, he did occasionally don gold chains and purple hair to pop into mom’s office.

Dad called this picture, “The Good Life.” He was right. I can only that hope we are raising Hugh in the same spirit of a little weird isn’t all that bad.