It finally feels like Fall. Crisp air, open windows. In celebration of the weather and a lack of plans, we invited ourselves to stay in at our friends’ carriage house at the beach (they said yes). It’s the sweetest little house, not much more than a bed, a dorm fridge, a tub, and great architectural design. It’s only blocks to the beach, and October might be my favorite month for beach weather.

We were planning on packing up the baby for the weekend, but then my fabulous sister offered to keep Hugh for the night. We had to really think hard about that one. But guess what? We said HELL YEAH.

So we’re stopping on the way to the beach to buy steaks and red wine and enjoy a lovely evening by the grill with good friends.

Then tomorrow morning, our 3 friends are taking Hugh on a “boys morning out” to the Aquarium. They’re getting there extra early so that he can see the penguins being fed. After that, Aunt Sissy may take him to the water park before delivering the tired baby back to us at the beach.

An hour until the weekend begins. Here’s to penguins and pinot noir!

Away we go.