Deer BiG Brothwa DoWll,

Yu think yu are so cool. Yu can play with HUE all day long, then disappeer for weeks, then apeer AGAIN at a futball game and play and play with HUE, then disapeer again. Where are yu going?? Why is bettr than playing with HUE?

Last nite, yu come back agan, waltzing in the hous like its yuor hous. Oh no Big Brothwa, yu gotta nuther THINK comin. These is my things. Your room is my things. You snooz, you looze.

So. I not even look at yu. How does that feel? When I do look at yu just a little bit by akcident I say BYE BYE. That’s rite. When I see your BiG Browthwa face, I say BYE BYE. How do that feel?

Okay, den. HUE has had his say. Now because yu are very lucky, I will let you kick the ball with me. You may tickl me, but just a littl bit. We can watch a CARS movie together, too. And you may share that chip wit me.

To avoid this treatmnt from HUE, stop going bye bye and I’ll quit saying BYE BYE.


Yor littl Brothwa, HUE