How could Eliza Doolittle ever be sick of them? (And shame on you if you get this reference and can sing it your head.)

Hugh is learning words, and it is magic. In a post that will bore everyone – except the Grandmas – to tears, here is a compiled list of Hugh’s words as of August 2010.

Cat, cow, car, baba (bottle), wawa (water), mama, DiDi (Tasha), Sissy (Amy), book, bed, go, door, walk, meow, sing, yum, potato, cookie, cake, Dowell, school, truck, no, out, wiggles, more, want, bath, shoes, blankie, me, chair, coke (don’t ask), train, track, ball, baby, woof, bye, yes, moo, papa, duck, cheese.

His favorites (in this order): want. more. cheese.

Go. Out. Walk.