This is HUE.

Yesterday wuz my first day of REAL skool, not summer skool. It stinks. See last week, I had my vacation with Aunt Sissy. We ate cookie doe and jumped on the bed and went to the wawa park and slept when Hue wanted and watched movies and took walks and it was all HUE HUE HUE, all the time. Also, I got to have my passy whenever I wantd.

At real skool, there are no passies, no cookie doe, only dumb lunch that mom makes. I am not happy about it. So I screamed a lot and then I screamed some more. And guess wut? It worked. I got to go home! Early! With Aunt Sissy!

I heard mama telling peeple on her iPhone that HUE got kicked out of skool. Kicked out?? I call that BUSTIN’ out. Take that, Miss Kim.

But then Sissy wouldn’t give me any cookie doe. Or any passy. Then Mama DiDi took me to the doctor for a check-up. What fresh hell is this, HUE says?

I am checkin’ out of this Monday, I said. I go to bed at 4:30pm, and I din’t get up until it was safely Tuesday morning. Forget you, Monday.

Today, Mama dressed me for skool in a shirt that said “Mr. Happy.”

Ha ha, you’re a real riot, Mama, you know that?

Mr. Happy? Let’s see what Miss Kim has to say.



Mr. Happy