Today, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite blogs. These three women writers/performers/scholars/activists inspire me for different reasons:

BLOG: Ami Worthen,

INSPIRATION: Because she’s the person I can call at 4 am and she’ll still be up from the night before; because her musical journey is a documented wonderland of adventure, heartache and joy; and because she inspires me to kick ass.

BLOG: Jenny Badman, WhipSmart

INSPIRATION: A Jersey girl who can craft an ad that would make you want to buy a jar of expired mayo, she also has the heart of a poet. Think Don Draper meets Emily Dickinson.

BLOG: Allison Piepmeier, Baxter Sez

INSPIRATION: An outspoken activist, teacher and mommy-warrior who inspires me to dig a little – or much – deeper.

Check out these radical writin’ women. You won’t be sorry.