1. Mommy lies flat on floor and puts pacifier in mouth. Toddler pulls out pacifier and puts it back in – hysterical!

2. Mommy drives toddler to Barnes & Noble and reclines in overstuffed chair while other mommies referee the train table.

3. Mommy drives toddler to Starbucks. The long way.

4. Mommy and toddler watch Law & Order.

5. Mommy and toddler watch Law & Order, Criminal Intent.

6. Mommy lets toddler jump in crib while coaching from the rocking chair.

7. Mommy and toddler have “dance party” to James Taylor music.

8. Mommy gives toddler a big bowl of food and a tiny spoon and lets him get as much as he wants on the floor as long as he stays in high chair.

9. Mommy teaches toddler sign language instead of speaking.

10. Mommy promises toddler that tomorrow is another day.

How mommy got a big head