Yeah, mama, I know whachu mean. It’s pretty nice thing to be Hue.

Any food I see, it’s MINE. Such as on the flor or the table or your plate.

I take a walk evry mornin in the outside, and I don’t even need a jackit no more. I walk to wherver I see a truck or a tire or sometime if I reawwy lucky, a skid-steer loadr. Jakpot!

One time, I wuz shakin a stick and this kat jumpd up and tried to get it. Oh man, I laf so hard, I fall right on my bum bum, which that make me laf hard too. He he. Just thinkin bout it ‘gain.

And then at skool I get to eat meetlof and go on swings and ride on the airplan. One time i got report sent home cause I pinchd a clasmayte. But you don know, he reawwy deservd it! See, i had the airplan furst, and then he try to SIT on it. When I had it FURST! Well, mybe he had furst. But I needed it. Right awy. So anywy, he got a pinch frum HUE for that one.

Then at night, I tak a long baf. I like to stand up and pat my belly becuz I am so proud of dat belly. My mama tell me it is the bigest one in the town. I pat it and pat it and jump up and down until I fall. Then I get to wear a frog towl and play “hip hip hop, hippity hippity hop” in the miror! I like to look at me in the miror because I look like a FROG BABY. I laff and laff. Oh man.

Then mama puts me in the crib and I not reawwy sleepy but maybe I just roll aroun’ for a minute, push my bum bum in the air, wrap this blue blanky round my hand, and…

Hip Hip Hop in my Froggie Towel