Hugh woke up on the wild side of bed today, the kind of morning where he rolls over with a wicked grin and a big jump. I know this because he slept with us last night because of a cold and cough. When he started jumping before he’d even stretched, I knew we were in for it.

He proceeded to do what Tasha called his “tour of bad.” Yank the handle on the stove until it opens; push over the heavy, round end tables and roll them; knock down the hot fireplace screen. Back to stove and start again.

It’s like he just wants to hear the word NO because it makes him laugh.

Now he’s sleeping, and it’s been almost an hour and a half nap. The house is completely quiet, even the cats are asleep. A part of me would like to spend the rest of the day writing and reading, napping and cooking. But another part of me is ready for my willful, adorable, independent, energetic baby boy to wake up and decide WHAT’S NEXT in store for us.