Mama has been lazy about blog writing. What with Christmas, Hugh’s first birthday, Easter, Valentine’s Day, etc., I just have a host of excuses. Some of them even legitimate.

I always have big aspirations for the Holiday Management, starting with Christmas cards. This year, I actually managed to get a photo collage in some kind of photo card software and placed an order for 80 cards to arrive well before the holidays. I collected the addresses of friends who sent cards and added them to an Excel spreadsheet of family and friends’ addresses. Everything was ready to go: envelopes, check; cards, check; addresses, check.

But then came the dreaded execution, the step where I always fall apart.

First, I lost half the cards and envelopes. Just disappeared into thin air and haven’t been recovered. So half my list wouldn’t get cards from the start (and I still might find them, so if you get a card from us with Hugh in a Santa hat around Easter, you’ll know why).

Then the cards I did have, I wrote personal notes on, so I had to match those notes with the right envelopes. Except for the ones which didn’t needed notes, and those required envelopes that would go to non-note-people. Somewhere along the way, I ran out of stamps, so only half of the already-half got mailed. The rest are sitting on my counter – some addressed – but cardless because the only cards left are those with notes that don’t match the addressee.

Today, I got a New Year’s card from a tech savvy friend. You just click a link and it opens a beautiful website with pictures, text, and a slide show. I am doing that for sure next year. Except for the people who don’t have email addresses.

Consider this your Christmas card