dear fans of Hue,

this is my okasional update.

now i hav THREE teeth. cownt ’em.

i can walk if i want but if you see me krawlin’ it is cuz it’s faster way for me to reach important things such as remote kontrol, kittykat, food on flor like two-day-old potato (ha! got it in my pie hole).

I can put my hands in the air and jump on bed and clime up chiar and eat salmon but no FRUTE. Pleeeze people, keep FRUTE away from Hue. Bananna, aple, melin, pare, orang – all of it – away from Hue. Then pass the pork.

I like books but I mostlee like the page with the twucks on it. Or dawgs. I hate the page with the pengwins and also the farm aminals. BORWING.

Gotta go. Somewon left cheezy puf on the flor.



Do see you frute on this tray?