After several weeks of Hugh waking up once or twice a night (mainly because we were on vacation in Florida, and he was in a pack ‘n play), he finally slept through the night last night. One day with his caterpillars back at day care, and he was zonkered. 6:15pm, bedtime; 6:30am, awake.

I’m feeling appreciative this morning for this life. I woke up well rested, played with the happy baby, made the teenager a sandwich in exchange for him helping me with my iTunes. Dropped the baby off at daycare (mac ‘n cheese today, he’ll love it), then stopped by the county park for a job along the marsh, sunlight beaming off the water, exhilarating, chilly air. After that, a strong iced coffee from Starbucks. Then a quick trip to the grocery store for tonight’s dinner: grilled salmon, red potatoes in the oven, and green beans.

Back home, time to sit in front of the fireplace and head to work (i.e. this laptop and my lap).

My life does not suck. At all.

My office view