If I was willing to pay $19.95 to upgrade my blog, I could attach the proof. But instead, I’ll describe it the said file and email it to anyone who requests it.

Yesterday, I left Hugh with his big brother, Dowell, for a few minutes and when I came back to Dowell’s room, this is what I saw:

Brotherly duet

Brotherly duet

As Dowell strummed, baby Hugh accompanied him on vocals. I grabbed my iPhone and made a quick voice recording (the thing I can’t upload, but can email you), and Hugh was really singing. Not only singing, but in tune and in syncopation! The melody goes something like this: bababa ba baaaaa, bababab ba ba, baaaaa.

Some would say I’m just being a proud mama. The same way they try to convince me that Hugh is not the only baby in the world who can hold a broom over his head. Or not the only 11 month old ever to turn the pages of a book. But I know the truth.