today i woke up early. 5:58am. my mama tasha picked me up and gave me baba and accidentally, i fell asleep. darn! i had plans, but anyway. my day started late. 7:01am.

when i woke up the second time, it was a cat in the window! a shock went through me. i must touch it. but then it jumped and ran away. then i saw my drum! play its song. english, now spanish. haha, that spanish sounds funny. oh look, a cord! i need it. WAAAAAAAWW, why you stop me? WHY?

at school, i rode in the buggy. today, i sat next to natalie. i held her hand. i thought no one was looking but my teacher told on me. anyway. natalie likes me. so does avery. today, we were talking through our cribs, but boring four-toothed jacob was trying to sleep, so they moved me and my crib to a new place. then i barfed on my sheets. carrots.

when i got picked up from school, there was a stuffed pig in my seat! that made me feel crazy happy. then i fell asleep.

tonight we have a cookout. my shorty, covey, is coming. she’s 2. she likes me a lot.

gotta crawl –


Bench press

Bench press