Since the time Hugh was conceived, I’ve probably conducted over 1,000 Google searches on possible things to worry about – none of which ever materialized. Here’s a sample list: high HCG levels, early ultrasounds and autism, Down’s syndrome statistics, baby moving too much, baby nursing too long, hyperactivity, sleep solutions, popping joints.

My latest Google-as-a-worry-tool is food.

I’m certain that I don’t need to worry about food with Hugh, but here I am worrying about food. Now that he’s learning to eat, I wonder why he’s not eating chunky enough food. Hugh gags if I put the smallest piece of chunky banana on his tongue; and other kids in his caterpillar class eat french toast sticks for crying out loud! So I Google things like “gag reflex” and “babies eating solid food tips.”

Then last night, he suddenly ate salmon, cous cous, and tzatiki sauce. Why’d I waste time Googling about food? I’m not going to do it again. He’s a perfectly healthy nine month old baby who sleeps well, eats well, plays well, smiles well, weighs-in well. NO MORE GOOGLE SEARCHES.

Except for there is that green stuff coming out of his right eye ithis morning. It’s been two mornings in a row, actually. I should probably Google it – just to see.