I’m jealous of Heather Armstrong today, the mommy blogger who has over 1,000,000 twitter followers and is going on the Bonnie Hunt Show to teach Kourtney Kardashian how to change a diaper. I want to blog for a living and take awesome photographs of my baby all day.

It’s not like my days are filled with a high powered job that demands I be in the office from 7am to 8pm. Today, I let Hugh play with a sledgehammer (his nickname now is Bam Bam), took him to school where I left him in a swing (with teachers supervising, of course), and then bought coffee and three cupcakes before starting work. I definitely have time to write more and take more fabulous photos.

I actually do have great photos of Hugh, but somewhere along the road of technology transfer, I missed the chapter about how to print photos. “Upload them to Flikr,” someone said. “Take them on a USB drive to CVS,” another someone said. “Store them on your iPhone, then download them at WalMart,” came another piece of advice.

I knew how to print pictures back in the day when you took out the roll of film, dropped it off at the camera shop, and went back to pick up your glossy 4X6 prints. Now I’m flummoxed by the options, none of which appeal to me.

Any advice for how to get high quality prints without burning CDs, waiting for slow uploads, or plugging and unplugging things?

Anyway, Bam Bam is a really strong baby. He can crawl up stairs, let go while he’s standing, lift heavy objects (such as a sledgehammer or steel brackets), stand on his toes, and pull the hell out of your hair. All with a very intent, slightly grimaced, expression. Watch out Pebbles, here he comes.

Bam Bam learns manly things from Jason

Bam Bam learns manly things from Jason