It’s been a week of transition as we move along in our journey to the new house. We needed “a bigger boat” (Jaws, anyone?) and fell in love with a sweet house in a neighborhood in North Charleston called Oak Terrace Preserve.

new houseEverything kicked into high gear last week: packing endless numbers of boxes, cleaning out the attic, purging unnecessary items, preparing the old house for the new renters, closing on the new house and moving into our temporary digs. Yep, we have to move TWICE. The new house isn’t ready yet and the tenants needed to move into our old house, so Dowell went to his dad’s, Amy went to a friend’s, and me, Tasha and Hugh went to our friends’ house on Sullivans Island. We are so grateful to them for taking in our brood.

In the meantime, everything is in storage. We’re hoping that our second – and final- move will be Thursday. Fingers crossed. Hugh has been a real champ through the transitions. New daycare one week, new house the next week, another new house the next week, and he hasn’t missed a beat. A part of me think he actually likes it. Maybe he got my gene for loving new places and faces, and he’ll be a world traveler by the age of 5.