Swing Zone

Swing Zone

It struck me this morning that not all my blog posts have to capture some universal truth or unique insight. If I wait for those OMG moments (think, coupons or dropping the baby), I’ll never write. Because most days are just days. So dear readers (all 3 or 4 of you), let me get away with just an update. Here’s where I am today and what’s happening.

This morning, I dropped Hugh off at day care, and now he has officialy Caught On. I handed him  to Miss Dot and he whipped his head around and let out a wail of gigantic proportions. One of those cries where all the sound gets sucked away inside and his face turns blue. Miss Dot patted him and said, “breathe, Hugh,” and I reached back for him as he let all the air and tears into my shoulder. I almost walked out with him.

But instead I whispered that I would be back, calmed him down and handed him back to Miss Dot and slipped away. I stood in the hallway, listening and hoping that he would stop crying. But he didn’t, and then I had to leave.

So it’s bittersweet at work this morning. I hope by now he’s sitting on the floor, pulling Annabel’s hair or banging a block on the mat. But if it’s not, I’ll be back at 3pm, and then Mama gonna buy him a mockingbird.